BoardMaps vs Boardeffect Board Portal

Choosing software to optimize the work of managers is not easy, because there are dozens of different programs for this. BoardMaps vs Boardeffect Board Portal is a very popular dilemma, as both programs are of high quality, simple and convenient.


This application was developed in 2008 in the UK. In no way inferior to a competitor in the number and quality of functions, it has a discreet and intuitive design.

BoardMaps works in the browser, on Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS mobile phones. Support is available by phone, chat around the clock.

You can learn how to work with BoardMaps individually – the tour is conducted by BoardMaps employees. Also on the site, there is a large number of documentation and videos, where you can see interesting details of the work.

Board Effect Board Portal

The history of this software begins in 1998 in the United States of America. It is not surprising that they did an excellent job with the implementation of software for automating managerial tasks – in the USA this appeared much earlier and became firmly established in everyday life.

The program offers all the services entrepreneurs are interested in: meetings, meetings, meeting minutes, documentation, electronic signatures, a calendar, collaboration tools, and so on.

You can use it from a browser a smartphone or a tablet. For managers, a knowledge base is available, an around-the-clock support service, where you can write or call. Webinars are organized, videos are recorded about the specifics of the application. You can also personally learn how to use the BoardEffect Board Portal with the help of the manager.

Benefits of working with electronic documents

If you can’t decide on the transition from paper to electronic workflow, the following arguments can convince you:


A big advantage of electronic document management is the ability to automate many operations, from the creation and registration to the automatic delivery of a document to the archive after its execution.

All modern electronic document management systems allow you to configure automatic actions with documents. For example, register incoming e-mail, sort documents into categories, forward them to pre-designated routes, and so on.

Automation frees staff from routine activities, allowing them to focus on solving production and management tasks.

Another aspect of automation is the collection and processing of analytical information in real-time. This allows you to quickly and flexibly respond to a changing situation and make informed and effective management decisions. Thus, electronic document management improves the quality of management.

Space Savings

Paper archives occupying huge areas are not needed. The electronic storage of information takes up very little space. The use of cloud technologies allows you to reduce it even more.

This advantage of electronic document management reduces the cost of maintaining the organization’s operations.

Safety and Security

The security of a paper archive is expensive – safes, armored doors, complex locks. The security of electronic documents is provided easier and more efficiently:

  1. The data is stored in encrypted form.
  2. When forwarding electronic documents are protected using cryptography.
  3. The authenticity of documents is guaranteed by the use of an electronic digital signature.
  4. Access of each employee to the database is controlled, all actions with documents are logged.
  5. Storage safety is ensured by data backup.

Complete confidentiality and safety of information is important advantage of electronic document management.