Virtual board meetings minutes and voting

The work of a modern manager can be carried out not only from the office but also remotely. This is made possible by a large number of applications for remote board meetings. These programs have a lot of different functions, including the ability to create minutes of meetings and conduct voting.

Minutes of the board meeting

The minute of the meeting is an important document that describes how the meeting was held, what issues were discussed, and what decisions were made in connection with them. All minutes of meetings are usually kept for a long time, so that, if necessary, it is possible to refer to the papers and clarify the details.

Programs for remote work of the administrative apparatus in most cases have the option of creating a protocol after the meeting. You can create it manually by entering data into special forms or letting the program do it automatically.

Like other documents, meeting minutes will be stored indefinitely on the software servers. They are reliably protected from loss or hacking since it is quite difficult to penetrate remote servers. At any time, employees of the company can refer to this documentation and find out how this or that meeting of the board took place.

Board votes

During meetings, issues that require a collective decision are often put on the agenda. There is only one way to do this – by voting. Software for remote meetings of the board of the company provides the ability to create voting.

Smart algorithms eliminate the possibility that the vote will be dishonest – since each participant in the meeting is authorized, his identity is confirmed.

When setting up voting, the moderator of the meeting can enter all the necessary data: the issue that is put up for voting, voting rules, and also set in the system how many votes are needed to decide on the issue.

Since quorum rules may differ from company to company, all settings are as flexible as possible – no matter how your company works, you can easily customize future voting to suit your needs.

Where is the best place to meet and vote?

The best programs for recording and conducting voting on a remote basis are presented in the list below:

  • Board track. This multi-platform application allows you to hold meetings with the formation of minutes, conduct voting, and have extensive tools for working with documents and making presentations.
  • Board pro. Flexibility during board meetings is a key feature of the BoardPro software. It has integration with many other services, such as Slack and Trello. You can use the program for the first month for free and then switch to a plan from $150 per month.
  • The main task of the developers was to create working paperless meetings. Thanks to the program, the entire document flow goes online, including minutes of meetings. If necessary, you can send them to someone or export them to your computer.
  • Many people love this program not only because it allows you to create meetings and plan schedules. With over 400 different applications integrated into Wrike, a wide variety of teams can take advantage of the software’s capabilities.

You can also look at such applications for managers as Boardable, BoardEffect, CGS Boardworks, and others. After trying several options for free, you can choose the most convenient for your team.